Williams Sound TGS PRO 737 - 10 Receivers

Williams Sound TGS PRO 737 - 10 Receivers
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Important Note: The Williams Sound translation equipment does not do real time automatic translations into another language. You would need to have a live translator wearing the equipment listening to the speaker and repeating the words of the speaker into the microphone so the listeners can understand what is being said in the translated language.

Williams Sound FM System - TGSPro 737

TGS PRO737 - (10 HED 021 Headphones, Headband Mic

FM System with ten (10) PPA R37 receivers, 72 - 76 MHz The Personal PA®™ FM System, model TGS PRO737, helps tour group members with hearing difficulties overcome background noise and distance from the guide. Use it in factories, museums, walking tours, power plants---anywhere hearing assistance is needed. Great for tour buses and limos also. These FM Systems also work as translation systems.

The Personal PA Tour Guide System features 17 selectable operating frequencies on 72-76 MHz. As a result, multiple tour guide systems can operate within the same location, simultaneously, with no crosstalk or interference. System includes one (1) T46 transmitter with MIC 096 microphone, ten (10) R37 receivers, batteries, and a transmitter system carry case.

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