Williams Sound PPA VP 37 - 10 Receivers

Williams Sound PPA VP 37 - 10 Receivers
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Important Note: The Williams Sound translation equipment does not do real time automatic translations into another language. You would need to have a live translator wearing the equipment listening to the speaker and repeating the words of the speaker into the microphone so the listeners can understand what is being said in the translated language.

Williams Sound Personal PA VP37 includes 1 T-27 Transmitter, 10 R37 Receivers with earphones

Wireless sound transmitter and receivers - Wide Band FM Listening System for large areas must be able to transmit the sound effectively to everyone. FM systems are the most cost-effective for and are easily set up, portable when required and have sufficient range for large areas using only a single transmitter.

The advantage of this FM system is only one transmitter is required for a large range of listening audience.  It is portable, low cost, and does not require a specialized technician to apply this product to any size room with-in the guidelines.

This assistive listening system transmits sound effectively to everyone in a large area. The Value Pack system uses individual receivers and is capable of reaching a 1000 foot coverage.  The added benefit of the Value Pack is that it may be used with an existing public address (PA) system by connecting an audio output of the PA system into the T-27 transmitter.  The voice of the speaker is transmitted to the assistive device receivers through the regular PA microphone. It will be easy for the speaker to maintain their usual presentation. Nothing will be different for them. It will be the listeners who reap the benefit by hearing and understanding what is said.  If the Value Pack is used without an existing PA system an optional microphone is then plugged into the transmitter and it is then a stand-alone operation.

The Value Pack includes four receivers with batteries/earphones and the new T-27 transmitter.  You may purchase as many individual receivers as required for your size space and the number of people wanting to hear your speech or performance.

The Williams Sound PPA VPE37 System operates in the 72-76 MHz frequency band. When the speaker talks into the regular PA mic, the voice is also transmitted to the assistive device receivers. An optional microphone may also be plugged into the transmitter for stand-alone operation without a PA system. The PPA VPE37 is for those who need help overcoming background noise, reverberation or distance from the sound source.  

This fm equipment is like a miniature radio station, the transmitter and microphone pick up the sounds you want to hear and broadcast them over an FM radio signal. This Williams Sound system are designed for hearing assistance in churches, theaters, auditoriums, classrooms, conferences, outdoors, museums and other public access.

Additional shipping will be required if mailed outside of the Continental USA. International orders may include custom charges.  

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