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Television Ears, as they are commonly called, are not just for the Hard of Hearing.  Enjoy your favorite game while putting your grandchild to sleep in your lap.  Watch a movie while your spouse is reading a book.  You can adjust the volume as loud as you want and other television listeners will not be affected.  An adapter is plugged to the output in back of your TV and you wear a pair of rechargeable earphones.  It's easy, simple and a wonderful way for everyone to enjoy their favorite television shows at their individual volume level with your TV headsets.

Our TV listeners are manufactured by Williams Sound, Nady, Ablenet, Joshiya, Audiolink, Super Sonic Ears and Univox.

We offer wireless television listening systems, tv loops, pocket talkers, tv amplifiers, fm neckloops, williams sound pocket talker ultra, tv listeners, univox loop systems, nady audio fm receivers, wideband fm receivers, tv speakers, sonic super ear amplifiers.

These are great for seniors and/or people that are hard of hearing, have hearing damage or others with conditions that cause mild to severe hearing loss. The television ears allow you to hear the television better.

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Williams Sound FM Neckloop Williams Sound Pocket Talker Pro Single TV Listening Devices
Williams Sound FM NeckloopWilliams Sound Pocket Talker ProSingle TV Listening Devices

WS neckloop is great for public venues such as movie theaters or auditoriums and TVs

 Pocketalker tv listeners: headphones, earphones, ominidirectional microphone. Personal hearing amplifier

Television headsets help hearing impaired people listen to TV louder without turning up volume, disturbing others







Dual TV Listeners
Dual TV Listeners

Best TV Listeners - Dual Television Headsets - Inexpensive TV headphones for better listening



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