Nady WHT Handheld Transmitter

Nady WHT Handheld Transmitter
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  • Item #: Nady-WHT-Hand-Mic-01

Nady Mics - Wireless Handheld Microphone Transmitter

  • Frequency: B (185.15 MHz)

Your transmitter channel/frequency must match your receiver to work properly.  Please select the appropriate channel/frequency below.

Official Replacement or Spare Handheld Wireless Transmitter

Nady wireless microphone system is compatible for the following models: Nady WA 120, DKW-1, Encore Series (I,II, &Duet), 151VR, 351VR, WA-120, 401X Quad, or any classic Nady models. 

No Nady FM Receivers included

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