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Audio hearing accessories is where you will find everything possible to customize items for your hearing devices for the hard of hearing. Whether you are looking for new earphones, wireless headsets, duet systems, wide range earphones, fm systems, phone amplifier attachments, neckloops, mini earbuds or wireless microphones you will find it in this category.  Also available for our listening systems are hearing silhouettes, hearing loops, assistive signalers, dual receivers, motion sensors, wide band receivers and audio enhancers.  For a cheap price it is virtually audio solutions at your fingertips.

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Williams Sound Earphone 008 Koss UR15 Headphones Turbo-Type Headphones
Williams Sound Earphone 008Koss UR15 Headphones Turbo-Type Headphones

Wide Range Earphone designed for excellent comfort. Works great with assistive listening devices.

Koss UR15 Headphones - cozy cushioned type headphones that eliminates noisy backgrounds. 

Turbo-Type earphones. Excellent high frequency/low frequency response and lightweight headset.







Nady QH-160 Lightweight Stereo Headphones Nady QH-360 Studio Open Ear DJ Stereo Headphones Ameriphone Q90 - Text Telephone - TTY/VCO
Nady QH-160 Lightweight Stereo HeadphonesNady QH-360 Studio Open Ear DJ Stereo Headphones Ameriphone Q90 - Text Telephone - TTY/VCO

Inexpensive Lightweight Stereo Headphones

 Nady QH-360 Stereo Headphones for DJs, Schools, Etc.

TTY Equipment - VCO Phone - Text Phone - Deaf Phone







Ameriphone XL-50 - Big Button Amplified Telephone Clarity Cordless Speaker Phone XLC 3.4+ Electronic Speech Aid - Artificial Larynx or Electrolarynx
Ameriphone XL-50 - Big Button Amplified TelephoneClarity Cordless Speaker Phone XLC 3.4+Griffin Laboratories TruTone Electrolarynx

Big Button Telephone - Amplified Phone - Hearing Impaired Telephone

Clarity XLC3.4+ - Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone with Enhanced Caller ID Hear Clearly. 

Trutone Electronic Speech Aid -  Neck Type Artificial Larynx or Electrolarynx 







Ultrak T-5 Vibrating Timers Landmark FM350 FM Receiver William Sound EAR 013
Ultrak T-5 Vibrating TimersLandmark FM350 FM ReceiverWilliam Sound EAR 013

Alerting Vibrating Timer. Countup/countdown timer vibrates or beeps. Alerts for meetings, medication, etc


BRAND NEW (Tiny) GT FM Receiver Works With Any Wideband FM Systems

Single mini-earbud hang on the outside of the ear. Use for FM receivers, Pockettalker, hearing amplifiers.







Innovative Hearing Devices offers the best listening audio accessories that can be portable and wireless.

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