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(Live Translator Needed - Translating Equipment Does Not Do Automatic Translation of Languages)

Innovative Hearing Devices offers a variety of wireless language translation systems that can accommodate different languages simultaneously with the possibility of multiple languages spoken at the same time. We offer wireless translator earpieces and headsets from Array, Williams Sound and Nady.

When using the simultanteous translation equipment, the translator speaks into a lapel-clip, handheld or headset microphone and the listening audience wears an individual FM translation receiver with earphones/headphones/translating earpiece to hear. These language translation devices are for everyone, not just for the hearing impaired. We offer a variety of translator mics to choose from.

We also offer portable PA systems with translator headphones providing more clarity for an enjoyable listening experience. The portable translation equipment comes equipped with lapel microphones, handheld or wireless headset microphones. The wireless translating devices can be used for churches, museums, power plants, tourist locations, classrooms, conferences, business meetings, travel tours, factory tours, language schools, government offices, military and more places to help boost communication. These language translation devices can be used all around the world.

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Nady U-41 Quad Nady Headset Microphone HM-3 Nady PEM 1000
Nady U-41 QuadNady Headset Microphone HM-3Nady PEM 1000

4 Microphone Transmitter System. Can be used with exisiting audio system simultaneously. Choice of mics.

 Nady Wireless Headset Microphone System - Omni-Directional Condenser Microphone - Audio Mics

Selectable UHF transmitter system - stationary transmitter, wireless receiver. 500 feet range.  







Nady E03 Transmitter Nady E03 In-Ear Personal Monitor System Nady ALD-800 - 4 Pack
Nady E03 TransmitterNady E03 In-Ear Personal Monitor SystemNady ALD-800 - 4 Pack

Nady Systems E03 Stationary FM Transmitter comes with  8 Switchable Channels and a 300 Ft. Range

 Nady E03 In-Ear Monitor - 1 Stationary Transmitter, 1 FM Receiver with dual earphones

Nady ALD-800 4 Pack FM System - 1 Stationary Transmitter, 4 FM Receivers. 72-76 MHz wide band







nady systems Nady ALD-800 - 10 Pack Nady ALD-800 - 15 Pack
Nady ALD-800 - 6 PackNady ALD-800 - 10 PackNady ALD-800 - 15 Pack

Nady ALD-800 6 Pack FM System - 1 Stationary Transmitter, 6 FM Receivers. 72-76 MHz wide band

Nady ALD-800 10 Pack FM System - 1 Stationary Transmitter, 10 FM Receivers. 72-76 MHz wide band

Nady ALD-800 15 Pack FM System - 1 Stationary Transmitter, 15 FM Receivers. 72-76 MHz wide band







Nady ALD-800 - 25 Pack Nady ALD-800 - 50 Pack Nady ALD-800 - 100 Pack
Nady ALD-800 - 25 PackNady ALD-800 - 50 PackNady ALD-800 - 100 Pack

Nady ALD-800 25 Pack FM System - 1 Stationary Transmitter, 25 FM Receivers. 72-76 MHz wide band


Nady ALD-800 50 Pack FM System - 1 Stationary Transmitter, 50 FM Receivers. 72-76 MHz wide band

Nady ALD-800 100 Pack FM System - 1 Stationary Transmitter, 100 FM Receivers. 72-76 MHz wide band







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Here is a list of the top countries that request our translation fm systems below: These translation systems are great for language translating of the top 50 languages in the world: Chinese, Mandarin, English, Spanish translator earpieces, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Chinese Wu, Javanese, Korean, French, Turkish, Vietnamese, Telugu, Chinese, Yue Cantonese, Marathi, Tamil, Italian, Urdu, Min Nan, Jinyu, Gujarati, Polish, Ukrainian, Persian, Xiang, Malayalam, Hakka, Kannada, Oriya, Panjabi, Sunda, Romanian, Bhojpuri, zerbaijani, Maithili, Hausa, Burmese, Serbo Croatian, Gan, Awadhi, Thai, Dutch, Yoruba, Sindhi.