Landmark FM350 FM Receiver

Landmark FM350 FM Receiver
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  • Item #: FM350-GT-1

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Use With ANY Wideband FM System Picks Up ALL Channels In The 72-76 MHz ALD Band *** PLUS ***

The Whole Commercial FM Band 88-108 MHz, This tiny (1 ¾ X 3 ½ X ¾ inches) marvel does it all:

- LCD Displays Frequency and Signal Strength

- Tunes in Small Increments OR keep the up or down tuning adjust pressed for 1 second and the receiver
SCANS up or down until it hits an active channel.

- Switch for MONO or STEREO Operation

- Has FIVE Pre-Set Buttons to Store Any Five Channels For Instant Recall

- Works with two AAA batteries

- Comes with both Headphones and Earphones

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