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(Live Translator Are Needed - Equipment Does Not Do Automatic Translation of Languages)

When you want to have all your students hear you in the classroom, you can easily purchase our FM systems for classrooms. These assisted listening devices make it possible for everyone to hear properly especially hard of hearing people. We also have wireless microphone systems, headsets, earphones, portable pa systems, headphones and other hearing accessories to use. Our wireless listening systems can also be used as language translation devices for up to 3-4 languages at one time. The classroom FM systems are useful in translation centers, language schools or when you just need to have your message translated to the audience in another language so they can understand such as family members in the audience at a public speech or event. These electronic audio devices can be used for campus tours, walking tours, bus tours, sports events and any other school events so you can hear better with our hearing assistive technology.

If you are a student and would like to purchase a wireless fm receiver, we have many personal fm systems to choose from. You don´t have to miss anything that your teacher is lecturing about when using personal fm systems with headphones. We sell FM transmitters for college professors, school teachers and administation  These are great for colleges, schools and any other educational facility to help those with hearing loss. This hearing equipment is necessary for those with mild to severe hearing loss so you will be able to hear your best in educational centers. These FM systems for hearing are great gifts for college students that enjoy electronic listening devices. Many teachers use them also for hypersensitive hearing students and students with ADD/ADHD.

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Nady 351 - 1 Wireless Transmitter Microphone - 100 FM Receivers Array Earpieces or 1 Microphone Array FM Receiver
Nady 351 - 1 Wireless Transmitter Microphone - 100 FM ReceiversArray Earpieces or 1 MicrophoneArray FM Receiver

Wireless Nady 351 FM System - 1 Portable Single Channel Transmitter Microphone, 100 FM Receivers

Array lapel clip mic, headset microphone for a transmitter or a set of earpieces for a receiver.

Array AG300 FM receiver system, personal hearing device. translation receiver, FM transmitter.







Nady E03 Receiver Array FM Transmitter Nady E03 Transmitter
Nady E03 ReceiverArray FM TransmitterNady E03 Transmitter

Nady Receiver - Replacement FM Receiver - E03 In-Ear System - Electronic Hearing Device - FM Listening Systems

Array AG300 Personal hearing devices (FM systems) - 3 Channels

Nady Systems E03 Stationary FM Transmitter comes with  8 Switchable Channels and a 300 Ft. Range







Nady WHT Handheld Transmitter Nady 351 Transmitter Nady 351 VR Receiver
Nady WHT Handheld TransmitterNady 351 TransmitterNady 351 VR Receiver

Nady Wireless Handheld Transmitter Microphone System - Portable and Lightweight - Single Channel

Nady 351 Portable Transmitter with Lavalier - Single Channel Lapel Clip Mic or Wireless Headset Microphone

NADY Systems Inc - 351 VR Wireless Receivers with Dual Earphones - Portable Beltpack FM Receivers







Williams Sound TX9 Infrared Emitter Williams Sound RX 18 Infrared Receiver
Williams Sound TX9 Infrared EmitterWilliams Sound RX 18 Infrared Receiver

The WIR TX9 is an all-in-one design which combines both the infrared modulator and transmitter.

Use with tv, music listening, meetings, offices, or other small group listening applications





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