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Hearing Devices For Churches - Translation Headsets System - Portable PA Systems

(Live Translator Are Needed - Equipment Does Not Do Automatic Translation of Languages)

Make sure that your church members hear properly. Translate sermons by using church translation systems/hearing impaired equipment - FM systems for better hearing experience and language translation systems used by a live translators. Many times the hard of hearing people cannot hear clearly what is said by the pastor and our assistive hearing devices for churches can help with this problem. Our FM transmitters and FM receivers, wireless church microphones and assistive listening equipment will make it easier for the church members to hear you with this portable translation equipment.

Church transmitters and recievers - Assistive listening systems for churches

Our assisted listening devices can also be used as church translation devices. You can translate the minister´s words into many languages simultaneously if needed. This will allow you to get your religious message to those listeners that might not understand it and you can affect more lives through the word of God being spoken. Make sure to purchase these translating devices for your church today. We have bulk pricing to cut down the costs.

We also have Church sound systems that are portable, check out our Nady wireless microphone pa system. This audio system can be taken anywhere and is battery operated. They are great for bus tours, walking tours, outdoor events, church revivals, mega churches, small and large churches. Let everyone know about Jesus and hear the word of God.



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Array AG300 (1 Transmitter, 2 Receivers) Array AG300-20 - Tour Guide/Translation FM Systems Nady DW-11 Single Transmitter Digital Wireless Microphone System
Array AG300 (1 Transmitter, 2 Receivers)Array AG300-20 - Tour Guide/Translation FM SystemsNady DW-11 Single Transmitter Digital Wireless Microphone System

Personal FM System - 1 Transmitter Microphone, 2 Listening Receivers

Array Systems - 20 Receivers, 1 Transmitter

Single Receiver - Digital Wireless Microphone System - UHF Frequency - Audio Technology







Nady QH-160 Lightweight Stereo Headphones Nady QH-360 Studio Open Ear DJ Stereo Headphones Nady DW-22 Dual Transmitter Digital Wireless Microphone System
Nady QH-160 Lightweight Stereo HeadphonesNady QH-360 Studio Open Ear DJ Stereo Headphones Nady DW-22 Dual Transmitter Digital Wireless Microphone System

Inexpensive Lightweight Stereo Headphones

 Nady QH-360 Stereo Headphones for DJs, Schools, Etc.

Operating range up to 300 feet line-of-sight. Digital transmission eliminates interference.







Nady Duet System Nady U-41 Quad Nady WA120 PA System
Nady Duet SystemNady U-41 QuadNady WA120 PA System

Nady Encore Duet is a dual channel wireless mic system, one lavaliere and one handheld mic, simultaneous transmission to PA systems

4 Microphone Transmitter System. Can be used with exisiting audio system simultaneously. Choice of mics.

Portable PA system - Nady WA 120 - Choice of wireless microphone - rechargeable battery included







Williams Sound Pocket Talker Pro Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra 2.0
Williams Sound Pocket Talker ProWilliams Sound Pocketalker UltraWilliams Sound Pocketalker Ultra 2.0

 Pocketalker tv listeners: headphones, earphones, ominidirectional microphone. Personal hearing amplifier

Hearing Amplifier - Williams Sound Products - Pocketalker Ultra

Newest hearing amplifier - Williams Sound Systems - Electronic Devices







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