Array AG300-4 Tour Guide/Translation FM Systems

Array AG300-4 Tour Guide/Translation FM Systems
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Important Note: The Array translation equipment does not do real time automatic translations into another language. You would need to have a live translator wearing the equipment listening to the speaker and repeating the words of the speaker into the microphone so the listeners can understand what is being said in the translated language.

Array AG300-4 FM Classroom, Tour Guide transmitters, Translation System: 

1 AGT300 transmitter, headset and lapel clip microphone, 4 AGR300 receivers, headphones

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Translation Headsets -Tour Guide Devices

UHF Frequencies Minimize RF Interference

LED Display Of Low Battery (Tx & Rx)

LED Display of Received Signal (Rx)

Tx & Rx each Use 2 AA Batteries

Three User-Selectable Frequencies Allow Up To 3 languages to be translated simultaneously

PLL Synthesized Design Insures High Frequency Stability

Noise Cancellation Technology

(FM systems) are like miniature radio stations operating on special frequencies. The transmitter transmits the sound to your ears or if you wear a hearing aid, directly to the hearing aid.

(UHF) Ultra High Frequency eliminates interference by transmitting above the crowd. The fm transmitter comes with a clip on microphone. The fm receiver comes with a dual earpiece. This listening product is recommended to someone that has mild hearing loss.

This tour guide fm system has 3 user-selectable UHF frequencies available. You have 3 tour guide transmitters, each on a different frequency. This will allow you to transmit three different programs/speakers/languages simultaneously. The operating range is approximately 150-165  feet.

Our prices are lower than our competitors that are selling comparable tour guide fm systems. Check out the prices of other tour guide equipment like Listen Technologies, Comtek, Phonic Ear and Sennheiser.

New FM Frequencies:  Ch1 806.9 MHz, Ch2 808 MHz, Ch3 809.7 MHz

This wireless Array AG300 fm system is user friendly and designed to enhance listening for one individual or a large group. The speaker or person giving the presentation has a portable transmitter clipped to their belt.  It also includes two microphones. The speaker may use a small microphone clipped to the shirt or another option of a microphone that circles the ear.

The person wishing to hear has a portable wireless receiver, clipped to their belt or hand held.  Each receiver includes two tiny earpieces circling each ear for comfort.  The earpieces are then plugged into the receiver with a thin wire.  It is not heavy, it's barely noticeable and easy to use.

 This wireless listening system is devised for use for:  enhancing sound on the internet, expos, business conferences, speaking engagements, classrooms, auditoriums, corporate meetings, sales appointments, job interviews, churches/spiritual centers, language translators, nursing homes, senior centers movie theaters, museums, art galleries, convention events, special events guides, business interviews, corporate events, business meeting rooms, restaurants and many other places.

This wireless listening device is ideal for group tours that includes translation of three different languages at the same time.  It is equipped with three channels designed to be used at the same time.  Each speaker will need their own wireless transmitter and everyone else on the tour should be equipped with their own wireless receiver.

tour guide transmitters 

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