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Wireless Infrared Systems are popular in movie theaters and theaters.  In back of the seating area they have a transmitter installed up high, so all of the audience can get individual hearing reception with a Wireless IR transmitters and receivers. Just plug in your favorite earphones and you will improve the audio sound. Whether it's an actor´s soft dialogue or watching something blow up, your listening experience will be better.

We offer the Williams Sound TX9 Infrared Emitters, Williams Sound RX 18 Infrared Receivers and the FM350 FM Recievers.

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Williams Sound RX 18 Infrared Receiver Williams Sound TX9 Infrared Emitter Landmark FM350 FM Receiver
Williams Sound RX 18 Infrared ReceiverWilliams Sound TX9 Infrared EmitterLandmark FM350 FM Receiver

Use with tv, music listening, meetings, offices, or other small group listening applications

The TX9 is an all-in-one design which combines both the modulator and transmitter.

BRAND NEW (Tiny) GT FM Receiver Works With Any Wideband FM Systems




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